decorator crab
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Crabs with triangular carapace, pointing forward, usually spiny, long legs (spider look), very often they take other sessile benthic organisms from the bottom and use them for camouflage, attaching them on their hair. Those organisms survive on the crab.



Self-decoration is a method of camouflage in which an animal covers itself with materials, sometimes living, from the environment. It is found in decorator crabs, some insects such as caddis flies and the masked hunter bug, and occasionally also in octopuses. In military camouflage, it is seen in the use of ghillie suits by snipers and the helmet nets of soldiers more generally when these are camouflaged by inserting grass and other local plant materials, and in a more general way by the use of decorated camouflage netting over vehicles, gun emplacements, and observation posts.

vestido de lodo


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